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92: Climbing Life’s Mountains with Personal Growth and Mindfulness Coach, Juan Alvarez

October 17, 2018

Episode 92 Juan Alvarez

Welcome back to Entreneato! On today’s show we talk with Personal Growth and Development Coach, Juan Alvarez!

All Juan wanted to do with his life was to climb mountains and guide people to have meaningful experiences in them but when his father died he became the CEO of the company. He was 19.

For 18 years after that, he worked as a successful executive and entrepreneur in several international fields, including automotive, publishing, financial services, and renewable energy.

Those years taught Juan about the hardships of leading a business and also that success doesn’t necessarily bring well-being.

He passionately used his life to experiment and learn as much as he could about how to live with inner peace and a vital sense of excitement about life.

Over the past few years, Juan has guided hundreds of exceptional leaders to reach the summit of their lives. And has an amazing accent to boot!

On today’s show we talk about mindfulness and not getting caught up in the rat race of life and ambition. Juan helps us to truly focus and dream for the future of our families and companies. It’s such a crucial step in the journey of our lives.

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