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88: 6 Areas To Achieve Financial Freedom with House Hacker, Diego Corzo

April 18, 2018

Welcome back to Entreneato! 

On episode 93 I talk with Diego Corzo from Househackingclub.com, we discuss 6 Things Needed to Achieve Financial Freedom. 

Diego  is a Millennial entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Diego was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the United States with his family when he was 9 years old. Diego’s parents told him that America was the land of opportunity and that with hard work and determination all of his dreams would be possible. 

Diego graduated in the top 1% from Florida State University with 2 bachelor degrees in less than 4 years and no student debt. He started working in corporate America as a so ware developer for General Motors and soon discovered that he wanted a career shift . After realizing that corporate America wasn’t for him, Diego pursued his passion in real estate. 

 Diego is one of the most likable people you’ll meet and finds positivity in every situation and setback. I know you’ll be encouraged today by his heart and resiliency for life and business.

Also as a thank you for listening to the show headover to entreneato.com and click on ‘Free Book’ to receive your free audiobook thanks to our friends at Audible.com I just finished The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy and loved it! 

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