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81: “Serving Before You Sell” with Lean On Me Events Founder, Lindsay Lucas

February 28, 2018

Lindsay Lucas is the founder of Lean On Me Consultants based in Houston, Texas and helps event venue owners and creative entrepreneurs looking to launch venues build a successful and sustainable business in a crowded market. Over the past year, she has brought her clients over $1M in revenue. 

About a year ago when wedding venues started becoming the next "it" business venture, Lindsay noticed that almost all of the venue owners had one of two backgrounds - they either inherited land and were trying to make a business of it, or the buzzing sound of our industry caught the attention of investors in the corporate world. The one thing they all had in common was that they were lost, treading water and praying a Google search would return the magic answer.

Today Lindsay and I address the topic of  “Serving Before You Sell” and how to gain trust with future clients with the right approach. 

For more information on Lindsay and her business check out her website at leanonmeconsultants.com or email her hello@leanonmeconsultants.com.

Instagram: instagram.com/leanonme_consultants

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