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116: Andrew Denton: The Power of a Proper Agreement

October 1, 2019

116 Andrew Denton

The Power of a Proper Agreement aka "How to Not Lose 10 Million Dollars"

On today’s show we interview Andrew Denton from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia!

Andrew is an executive director of Hillscorp and director of a number of other companies involved in property development. 

He was a licensed plumber and worked for a multinational building company before moving into developing over 10 years ago.

In over 30 years of working, Andrew gained considerable experience in senior project management, joint venture and client relationships. Andrew and his wife Susan and their three children have been active members of Hillsong Church since 1991.

On today’s show Andrew talks about how a business deal that went wrong ended up costing him $10 million dollars. He also explains how it hasn’t happened since and how this one important lesson can help you in your business.

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