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69: Marketing Is More Than Kitten Posters and Aaron Neville Music: Marketing Secrets with Johsua Scott from Studio8e8 Part 1

November 1, 2017

In order to grow your business you're going to need more than kitten posters and Aaron Neville. On this week's interview I talk with Joshua Scott from Studio 8e8. Josh runs an extremely successful dental marketing business that is literally changing the dental marketing game! Before you assume we are going to be talking canines and bicuspids you are wrong. There is rock solid marketing advice you can apply to your business right now. There are a ton of resources and takeaways in the interview along with the time Josh went out to dinner with Gary Vee! 


Wim Hof Method 

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe 

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The 8e8 YouTube Channel 

And if you are feeling way too productive check out the game Josh mentioned called Ballz by Ketchapp

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