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54: “What’s Your Definition of Success?” with Bianca Veloso from Brave Hearts Coaching

July 19, 2017

            Bianca Veloso from Brave Hearts Coaching talks on this interview about her defintion of success. Is having an amazing career with a huge company like Microsoft enough? Is being the best at what you do enough? Does making a lot of money mean your a success? What about your relationships? Everyone's defintion of success is different. We are excited to have Bianca on the show and share her story.

Here's more info on Bianca from her bio:

Through transformational and innovative coaching services, I deliver confidence to my clients in attracting an ideal partner and tools to create lasting love & passion in a relationship by unleashing their brave hearts.

I am a Certified Strategic Interventionist trained by the Robbins-Madanes Training Center. Traditional Coaching is usually focused in the process. As a Strategic Interventionist, my focus is delivering the results my clients need in the shortest time possible and the most effective way.

My clients are successful professionals who have been focused on their careers and now want to achieve the same results in a love relationship. They claim that the ultimate value of my online courses and coaching sessions is balance in all areas of life because when they achieve fulfillment in their relationships, all other areas of life prosper. 

Social Media/ Website Plugs

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/braveheartscoaching/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/braveheartscoaching/

official website or blog: https://www.braveheartscoaching.com/

Bianca is also offering our listeners an exclusive 30 min coaching session! 

Free Gifts – 30mins coaching session https://calendly.com/braveheartscoaching/30min and a pdf copy of 1 of my 3 signature programs after the 30mins coaching session (Emotional Blueprint – discover what holds you back from living and enjoying a fulfilled life or Polarity Equals Passion: What does Polarity have to do with Lasting Passion or Magic Love Life: 7 simple steps to create lasting passion and love in relationship. (Valued at $272)

Added Bonus – a blog post on a hot topic that have opened the eyes of my very successful clients. Commitment: How men and women approach the topic.


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