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48: Impact Capitalist and Basketball Missionary - Mark Aubry

June 7, 2017

Mark Aubry is many things: an entrepreneur, a business owner, basketball missionary, teacher,

basketball player, husband, and father. But the phrase that best captures Mark is impact


Mark has been an entrepreneur and business owner his entire adult life. He’s spent the last 15

years providing strategic guidance for entrepreneurs, business owners, and physicians. At the

core of Mark's activities is his desire to help people navigate the complexities of business

ownership by helping them understand, manage, protect, and grow their resources.

At present,

- Mark is the Chief Evangelist, co-founder, and contributor for Impact Capitalist, an

organization that looks to make a meaningful difference in the lives of business owners.

- He is the CEO and co-founder of Mariam Clinics, a company that helps patients, physicians,

and impact innovators navigate the complexities of regenerative medicine.


Twitter - @mpactcapitalist

Email - mja@impactcapitalist.com

Impact Capitalist - http://impactcapitalist.com

Mariam Clinics - http://mariamclinics.com


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