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34: Roadmap To Starting Your Own Business


When building a house or renovating anything you start out with questions like "What color cabinets do I want?" "What color tile do I want for the backsplash?" etc. And you go over every detail with a fine tooth comb. But are we asking similar questions with our lives and desiging our lives with that same amount of detail? "What am I truly passionate about?" "Where would l like to live?" "How much money do I want to make in life?" "What's truly important to me?"

In this episode Matt and Eric discuss the importance of having a roadmap to your ideal lifestyle. Along with a step by step plan on how to get there!

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33: Jamey Santo Owner of Executive Lending Group of Orlando


In this episode Matt sits down with owner of Executive Lending Group of Orlando, Jamey Santo. Jamey is also a husband, father, author and founder of Faith Builders International. On the show we discuss running your business while walking through tragedy and not being fearful when stepping out in business. You can learn more about Jamey and buy a copy of his latest book, Still In The Storm by clicking on the links below:

Faith Builders International

Executive Lending Group Of Orlando


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